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Share the Goodness...Last month, October, was a real deal-changer for myself and most of the people I work with in doTERRA. I can’t explain what happened exactly, but there was a real shift in my group and it seemed like everyone had the same epiphany at the same time… our message about natural healthcare and doTERRA, in particular, had us all at ease in sharing every concept of it. The oils, the products, the company, the opportunity… it was like the clouds parted and we were all on the same page for the first time. After all this time, I finally feel like everything is coming together, benefitting everyone with the goals they all want to achieve. And amazingly, a lot of the changes came from new people in my life that I would never had met if I didn’t wander in their path. ~ Yesterday I was spending some time with a gal who joined my team about 2 months ago. In just that short period of time everything about her has changed. Her skin, her hair, her attitude, her energy: everything has changed for the positive. She knows all of the good things are directly because doTERRA entered her life, and she’s so grateful. And she is sharing everything with all of the people in her life who she knows could benefit too. This is why I do what I do. Seeing the benefits of how natural options can change so much for a person makes for daily happiness. I wouldn’t change anything, and that’s saying something! ~ If you’d like to learn more about our oils and products, or if you’d like to talk about creating a residual income based business, contact me today and I’ll be happy to share with you our game plan. You won’t be sorry, trust me…

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