Star Anise ~ The New Kid

Natural Digestive HealthdoTERRA introduced a new trio pack of oils for Mother’s Day called the Harmony Collection and in it is an oil called Star Anise.  When I took my first whiff of this oil I was hooked. The scent is sweet, yet spicy, fresh, and a little licorice-like. It reminds me of the taste of the Good and Plenty candies from long ago. Anyway, this essential oil comes in a 5ml bottle and is steam distilled from the fruit/leaf/seeds of the plant. Some of the benefits of this oil are to help support the digestive system and that’s why Star Anise is the first oil in our DigestZen blend of oils. Other uses are for healthy immune support, healthy cellular function, emotional balancing, muscle and joint support, and it supports a healthy cardiovascular system. You can diffuse this oil in the air, you can use it topically, and you can take it internally by putting a drop in your drinking water, or by putting a drop or two in a gel capsule and swallowing. ~ One of my friends is an essential oil user and has over 30 years of experience with this oil. Before doTERRA came out with it she was using another brand because that was all that was offered. Her favorite way to use this oil is in cooking, especially for Mediterranean and Indian recipes, but you can use it for so much more. After I opened the cap of my new bottle of this oil, I rubbed the top of the orifice cap with my finger and licked it. Immediately I got that sweet/spicy taste that just exploded in my mouth, warming it up and reminding me a little bit of how the Cassia oil tastes, yet different. I can see how this oil could probably help to ease food cravings because it tastes so good!

Have a great day!    Jana

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