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doTERRA Essential OilsI’m not a very skilled computer person and when it came down to me figuring out how to schedule my flights for my trip to Europe, well, I hit a brick wall. San Diego to where to get me there and then there, making sure I got in at a certain time on a certain day… there was no way I was going to be able to do this alone. So what does one do when they need professional help in this area? You turn to the most trusted travel agent that all your friends have used for years and rave about. That person is David Holt of Holt Travel & Tours, in Alpine, CA. I’ve known David for years but I had never used his services until now. When I called him to ask if he could help me, he said yes, jotted down my desires and said he’d be in touch by email. I hung up the phone thinking it would take awhile so I was pleasantly surprised when he emailed me back in about 20 minutes with a whole itinerary set up. It was perfect… it got me to my destination 90 minutes before I needed to be there to catch the groups shuttle service. Amazing. But the best part was on my travel day heading out of the San Diego airport at the crack of dawn… I was escorted to the TSA Precheck area which meant I bypassed the huge line to get through security. I actually didn’t even know what was happening until after I was through, but then I realized and was so grateful. The whole trip went this way; I had the best seats with the most leg room, I had plenty of time in between flights to get to my departing gates, and I knew where to go to get help if I needed it. ~ This is what you call great customer service and David Holt delivers. I will be calling on him again and again, and I hope you will consider doing so too if you need help with any travel needs. David can work with anyone, from anywhere, so contact him easily by phone: (619) 445-9193, by email: dholt@holttravel.com,  or just walk in: 2241 W. Victoria Drive, Alpine, CA 91901 ~ www.HoltTravel.com ~ This experience was one I will never forget and it took the stress totally out of my first ever journey over ‘the pond’!

Have a great day!    Jana




(619) 917-7077

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