Everyone Loves Lavender

100% Pure Essential OilsThe most common, well known essential oil out there is Lavender. It is widely known as ‘The Universal Oil’. The reason for this is because it has always been the first choice that people reach for, for almost everything. Do you have dry skin? Lavender can help… bug bite? Lavender can soothe it… is your dog uneasy? Lavender can help calm nerves… do you have trouble resting easily? Spritz Lavender oil infused water on your pillowcases to help you slumber like you need to… Chapped lips? Rub some oil on topically for natural relief. ~ I could go on and on but I can save time by telling you that if you just type LAVENDER in the Search window at the top of this page, everything I’ve written about it will come up. One of the more memorable uses for Lavender oil came from a young mom a few years ago. Her daughter, who was about 8 months old, had trouble with skin irritations in the diaper area of her body. Her skin needed support from the drying, uncomfortable itchy-redness, and the mom had tried all of the popular, recommended creams and gels. Nothing seemed to be helping except when a friend of hers offered her a sample vial of doTERRA‘s pure Lavender oil. She told her to dilute it with a carrier oil and apply it over the entire affected area of the skin, letting it absorb completely before putting a diaper back on. After only a few applications of this, the baby’s skin tone was evening out and the discomfort was eased away. As you can imagine, this mom was feeling relief and couldn’t thank her friend enough. ~ Our Lavender essential oil is included in almost every kit that we package for sale and the reason for that is because it has so many uses. If you don’t have Lavender oil in your home, you need to get it!

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