Why I Carry Melaleuca Everywhere

doTERRA's Pure OilsOver this past weekend a few of my friends got together to talk about the essential oils that they can’t live without. We had to narrow it down to 8 oils because that is the amount of sample vials that fit in our key chain pouches. It was pretty cool because everyone in the group had totally different ideas about which oils they ‘needed’ to have on hand. Mine ended up being Frankincense, Clary Sage, DigestZen, Balance, Lavender, Copaiba, Lemon, and Melaleuca oils. This was hard for me because I use so many of the oils all of the time, but it was a good experiment to see which ones we are all drawn to. One of the gals in the group said she’d need 4 of the 8 sample vials filled with our Slim & Sassy blend because she couldn’t live without the benefits it created for her. Lol… some of us are totally addicted, in the most natural way possible! ~ One of the reasons I picked Melaleuca oil as one I can’t live without is because of my recent trip. I had two extra long plane rides, plus 4 others altogether, which had me experiencing all kinds of altitude changes. My ears took the brunt of this as the pressure was messing with my inner ears in ways I hadn’t experienced before. I was so happy I had my Melaleuca oil right in my backpack so I could just reach for it and rub it behind my ears, and in the hollow of the ear itself. It sounds crazy, but the soothing relief was felt immediately and I was put at ease quickly. This would be great to have on hand if you are traveling with young children or the elderly. Melaleuca essential oil is gentle, yet packs a punch against a lot of things that might pop up on a trip, or just at home. For more info on this oil, type in MELALEUCA in the Search window at the top of this page and everything I’ve written about it will come up!

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