Ambition… Do You Have It?

Do You Have Ambition?The reason I ask this is because over the past couple of months I’ve met and started to work with a few people who had no ambition a short time ago. They were just wading through their days, doing what was expected of them, but they lacked excitement or any real joy in their life. And then they were introduced to doTERRA and everything changed for them. Some of these people came in with a true love of the oils and products and how they could help people in so many ways, while others were fascinated by the humanitarian efforts that doTERRA has put into place really successfully. The Co-Impact Sourcing program, and the Healing Hands Foundation are helping people all over the world create a sustainable income doing things they are passionate about. I’ve written about both of these programs so you can easily get more information by using the Search window at the top of this page to find out details. ~ OK, let’s get back to ambition and why it’s so wonderful to have. First of all, it feels good. You wake up feeling a desire to share things you love with people who can benefit themselves from them. Second of all, rarely do you find people with a negative attitude toward the pure oils and products after they try them for things they need support with. And third, there is no better feeling than the feeling you get when you are helping others. I have been feeling this for years and now I get to work with other people who want to work with me so they can share in every aspect of this as well. ~ If you would like more information on how you can get involved with this company, and my team, give me a call and I can talk to you about everything you’re interested in.

Have a great day!    Jana

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