The Nootka Tree

Pure Essential OilsLast week I spent some time with a young woman who was telling me about how she had this amazing experience with one of our new emotional blends of oils, our Renewing blend. This blend is woodsy, musky and mellow in it’s tones and was blended together to help promote feelings of contentment, relief and patience. She had been having some emotional issues that she couldn’t balance out when she was introduced to this new blend. She applied it on her wrists, her chest, and the bottoms of her feet and she said that almost immediately she felt calmer and more at peace. Now, I hadn’t yet had a personal experience with this oil except just loving the scent I inhaled from the bottle, so I decided to investigate it further. I got the oil out and looked up all the oils in the blend… one just stood out and called my name, the Nootka Tree essential oil. What the heck was the Nootka Tree? I felt like I was in Dr. Seuss land… not a bad place to be. Anyway, after looking it up I found out that the oil is actually harvested from the wood of the tree and the tree itself is part of the Cypress family. No wonder people are drawn to this scent, it’s just so comforting and soothing. And the Cypress family is a wonderful addition to anyone who is new to, or already involved in, pure essential oils. I can tell you that Cypress has been a top seller across the board because of it’s many positive properties, including in aiding in circulation and calming the nerves. If you’d like more details about this amazing oil, and the blends my essential oil company includes it in, contact me directly and we can go over all the oils together. I am always available so feel free to give me a call or send me an email!

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