Good Ol’ Cedarwood!

doTERRA's Newest OilOne of the company’s newest essential oils is Cedarwood and when I got it and took the top off the bottle, I fell in Love. This oil smells just like my moms chest of drawers back at her house. Growing up I learned about how the wood of this tree repels insects and other critters so people usually store their undergarments and sweaters in these dressers. But the essential oil that is steam distilled from the wood of this tree is the real treasure. Cedarwood oil has a woody scent and provides many health benefits that date back to biblical times. The Cedarwood tree is native to cold climates, thriving in high altitudes and growing up to 100 ft. The oil provides a grounding aroma that evokes feelings of wellness and vitality. When you diffuse this oil it helps maintain healthy breathing and respiratory function. People with certain issues find relief when they breathe this oil in because it breaks up the thick mucus and opens up the airways. It is also used as an cleanser for the skin. Men in particular like using this oil for blemishes because the aroma is pretty masculine, unlike some of the other oils that are good for the skin. Another way people enjoy this essential oil is topically during a massage. It relaxes both the body and the mind and puts people in a state of calmness. I feel calm just smelling it out of the bottle…this is fast turning into a favorite for me!

Have a great day!    Jana

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